Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

Written 4/26/20 
I'm loving the look of this stewed chicken and rice.  Tonight, a month later as I sit here eating peanut butter on apple slices, I'm taking a minute to look back on this last month.  I have a lot of questions.

Stewed Chicken & Rice with Sweet Potatoes

It may be the sickness because we're sure it killed off brain cells but is anyone else filled with questions right now?  I only have energy to list them but not enough to research answers.  Possibly without trying, the media, WHO and the WH task force has confused the bejesus out of me.  History is behind us and we're all learning from this experience but with that in mind...

Let's talk masks:  Many doctors and nurses and science people went on record saying homemade masks using bandanas, scarves and t-shirts don't do any good, therefore wearing one is useless.  But its a state issued requirement in NY that we do so (as of 4/17).  Actually, you're only required if you cannot maintain a 6ft social distance.  So first of all, most people can't get the N95 mask, and I thought they didn't want civilians hogging those anyway.  So, basically we're required to wear unprotected, protective wear.  And didn't they also say this virus stays in the air and floats?  Meaning you could walk by and ingest the pathogen up to 90 minutes later if an infected someone breathed in your path.    Therefore, I think everyone should wear masks always when out of their homes, period. 

Antibody Test: Today they're passing along all this information on antibody tests and seemingly going full steam ahead to get many tested for Corona.  But in the same day we also read that WHO has no faith that having antibodies protects you from getting sick again, even in the same season.  Even if you had the antibodies now it does not prove you're safe to rejoin the workforce nor that you have immunity.  Yet it sounds like plans are being considered to open up businesses based on these tests. 

Corona testing:  Both tests have been shown to give false negatives and positives enough to where we probably can't rely on their outcome to change any social distance behavior.  That's a big one. If the testing is so unreliable, how are we going to handle these results?  Are we tracking how often the information is incorrect or can we work with our doctors?  Too many variables and wouldn't you need to get tested every week until you basically got the damned thing?

Fault: I'm someone who likes to move forward but also understand who screwed up.  After all, this changed our entire lives, here in New York where so many people have died.  Did someone chose not to shut down weeks before we could have?  I am grateful for what the government has given us but in the end, we still might be up shit creek regarding work, insurance, food, almost every way you could imagine.  So this time, maybe somebody has to be accountable, financially speaking.
Pissed off guy

Media:  I think Trump is a despicable man.  But what is our media right now?  I can't even bother with the right but the left is no better.  If you know someone is an arrogant, self-centered, egotistical idiot then you as someone not that, need to find clever ways to get to the truth and keep your integrity.  Any news outlet that has allowed their own credibility to sink as low as Trump has lost and in doing so, we all lose.  And right now, it feels like no one is winning.

The Dead: What is happening with all the bodies?  That trench was relatively small compared to the numbers dying each day here in the city.  Where are they putting them?  Who is reporting on the stories of all the people dying in their homes alone who aren't being counted?  Hundreds a day for weeks and somehow there is no compelling story here but yet all the publications can regurgitate the exact same disinfectant ingesting embarrassment for a whole week?

Reopening:  If this virus doesn't die out, how could retail possibly operate the same again without major differences.  Protective gear...sure.  Masks, gloves, possibly eyewear but for example, does that shit land on your clothes?  Does this mean showering at work?  What about your hair?  I don't see how it can ever be the same.  And thermometer checks at the airports are a joke.  There is a big enough percent of virus carrying folks that have no fever and regardless,  they come and go.  It proves nothing.  Not good enough!

So many questions!  Isn't your heart breaking for America right now?  Mine is.

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