Sunday, September 30, 2018

Your Love Feels like Trumpets

The Atlantic Antic 2018 
In recent years it was hard to know if even I would make it to the street festival let alone both of us going together.  For many years we never missed it, a real tradition then one time we ditched it entirely.  Last year I took a vacation day just to go with a gal from work but became ill and ditched her.  P seems to have grown tired of it altogether.  I still enjoy it, if only for nostalgic feels. This time I worked but got off in just enough time to rush home, drop my bike, walk over and catch a few bands, thought to maybe sample some food as well.  By the site of him still being in his Sunday morning apparel at 4pm, I could tell P was going nowhere.  It would be a solo venture as Tiger Woods was playing a big tournament.
 The Get It! band - fun white boy funk with horns at Hank's Saloon.
 I can't be sure but I told myself this was Richard Buckner playing bocce ball.  

It felt what it was, a party that was about to end, some vendors already packing up, the crowd dispersing a bit.
But I came and I saw.  I wanted to bring a taste of the festival back and found who I think was the daughter of the lady who ran our old favorite jerk spot on Atlantic.  She had a booth set up with a nice grill master and helpers.  As I've done before I ruined it by getting all goofy excited and turned off the laid back Islander. I could see it in her eyes.  She was not interested to know how we loved her mom's food or that our now deceased cat Willie used to sneak her hot chicken from our plates it was so delicious that he risked his life for it.  And one time he made off with an entire leg and P stayed mad at him for it.  That when she closed we were so bummed out.  
And then I remembered that her mother was very much the same.  Disinterested. Her food was incredible but there was no happiness living in her place.  Perhaps she missed her home.  Maybe she had been in a failed marriage or had health issues.  Who could know how these two things could exist and live together; amazing delicious food in a sad lonely uninviting restaurant. We both agreed the vibe was what took they place down.

When I got home P was standing for the final moments of the last round and would you believe it, Tiger won!  I'll repeat, Tiger won!  It was as if the heaven's opened and the angels sounded trumpets.  A true champion who deserves it.  We celebrated by eating the delicious food made by disheartened women served up in Styrofoam containers.  

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