Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Someone to Love, Someone like you!

My sister's taco plate from a take-out joint in Pueblo, Colorado.

It only takes that spark of her sharing her delicious lunch for me to begin this insatiable craving for the same.  I had to have tacos.  There would be no rest until they were in my belly. This is what its like to have a sister that you bonded with gastronomically early in life.  We text about lunch or dinner and those seeds become reality if you wanna do right by your stomach and soul. Somehow the food experience becomes that much richer.
Being the younger sibling, I knew I would have to fight to stay on board the independent mysteriousness that was my big sister.  She was not keen on having me tag along to her new adventures after about 9 years old and even before that perhaps she was not as enamored of a pesky awkward runt. I think my excitement to be near was enough to scare her off.  Besides, she had her sights on the outside world, all the fun little gals around the neighborhood and beyond. Which is funny because in my mind I was like, I got it all here girl, can't ya see me?!  I had fun game ideas to last a life time, you just had to buy into the weirdness.  I always had my mind set on having her as a bestie from way early on. Like birth.  She would take years to realize my fabulousness but I might have finally roped her now later in life.  At least where sharing thoughts on food and men is concerned.  Maybe she's just desperate enough for a female friend.  I know I am. Either way I'll take the in whichever way I can get it.   
Shrimp pesto tacos with an avocado schmear.  When you teach yourself to cook, I think one advantage is that you are more likely to mash-up cuisines and styles because you can't recreate the classics as they should be made.  When you learn how to make dishes correctly, like my sister, then you are able to serve dishes perfectly and can enjoy them as they were supposed to be.

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