Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Won't You Tell Me What You're Thinking Of

I'm almost embarrassed to say how much I concern myself with the evils of the internet and just how much and fast it's changing society.  This documentary fed some of my worries on sharing so much.  But more than that I can't help but notice the shift in my own house.  Even in just myself.
I remember in San Francisco I had a friend that used to talk to strangers and play video games all night on her computer.  I thought, 'Wow, why would anyone ever want to do that?'.  That was very new and unusual.  Little did I know how it would become the norm.   I traveled on transit to visit this couple in person a couple of nights a week. I looked forward to sitting on their sofa, having real and long conversations. We would drink some tea and make a night of it.  That was living my life back then.  Now several years later but only 3 short years into social media I am not comfortable with interacting through the internet completely but also reluctant to be off of it entirely.  All the pictures and videos of nieces and nephews, old friends is way too awesome to leave behind.  I don't have the schedule or wherewithal to do in-person visits except on special occasions so it's super convenient if nothing else. But it does come at a price, virtual reality is not free. There is an under belly.  Or I should say it's just as complex as maintaining relationships privately. Perhaps more so because it's only in your mind that activity is taking place through computer visuals.  So strange.  It seems to grow a life of it's own.  I now have bursts of energy to join Twitter because I'm sort of forming thoughts in short hilarious quips lately.  It seems an appropriate vehicle to get them out of my system.  But other days I feel the strong pull to close any and all accounts.  Get back to solely living in the present world that you can touch and feel.
I baked shells in the oven until crisp and then topped with black beans with cumin, guacamole, onions, lettuce and cheese.  So much better than expected.  How many times do I have to be reminded that beans are an excellent meat replacement?  So filling and they stick to your stomach in a good way.
I guess in it's own unique way Facebook and Instagram is an effective way to continue our youthful banter and communicate thoughts with the same vigor that we had while visiting our friends over tea or lets be honest beer and drugs so many years ago.  The way you felt so alive in a roomful of your friends talking and laughing before it all got so complicated and serious.  Before everyone got so old.  Before separation happened on the grand scale.  Real life is still so much better and my closest family and friends are actually not on any media, so this cheese still stands alone for the most part.  But all in all, today at least just like these beans, I believe it's still a healthy supplement to enrich one's days.

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  1. Looking back, those could use a huge dollop of sour cream or yogurt in between the bean and guac layer.


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