Thursday, September 6, 2018

I'm Getting Closer to My Home

I've learned that getting anyone's attention these days requires pulling them out of their environment and either walking or going out to eat.  Otherwise you may not get enough face time what with competing with the computer or cell phone. 
Coming back from the Arizona visit with my family, I needed a chance to regroup and tell my stories.  When you do a trip like that you come back with all these notes on mental post-its and it's good to lay them all out and see what you've learned, what feels true.  But also for me, I get completely swept up into the other world and landing back in the present takes some coaxing. I grow attached so easily to the contrasting reality.
One thing that is everywhere is great food but this tostada from Pequena was a nice invitation to come back home. 

P had the chicken filled chile relleno and from what I could tell, they did a great job and it was also huge.  I always admire large portions in Mexican restaurants because you can.  No need for the arty sparse plates.  Beans and rice are cheap and even though not necessary both could have used a little lettuce and tomato garnish to pretty up the plate.

By the time lunch was finished I felt closer to the world we created here in Brooklyn.

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