Monday, September 17, 2018

Try to Remember the Kind of September

This was one of those amazing days where I exercised in the morning, made two dinners and went to see a great afternoon movie.  As I lay on the couch today with a blanket over my knees I try to recall the mindset of getting so much done and realize good weather makes all the difference.  It's 27 degrees, feels like 16 as I'm writing this now.  I'm not looking forward to doing too much today except staying warm and horizontal.  

This was a Pesto Vinquini that is so easy with yogurt, ricotta, Parmesan and Pesto mixed to make the sauce. You can add fresh herbs and I made with broccoli but any green would do.

The Beef Veggoni, where the summer squash mocks the macaroni was not as visually appealing but super tasty and I would recommend taking the time to cut the vegetables just right so they mock the polpular tubular noodles.  This was ground beef in a quick spicy tomato sauce with mushroom, onions and garlic with the squash thrown in to the boiling sauce for only a few minutes to soften. Doesn't take long at all.  Top with Parmesan.

Lots of construction downtown Brooklyn.  It will be a brand new town at some point and from the looks of it, the people who will live here are not short on cash. 
The Blaze movie.  So good.  I had heard about this guy from P for years, not these huge stories but just of him, a guy that was around Texas that he knew of, that was also during the Townes era.  I have issue with the way Townes was portrayed, meaning his character but thought Charlie Sexton did an amazing job.  P disagreed and didn't see Townes in him at all.  I really hate that when you feel so strongly and your partner is on another plane entirely. I don't think that man who played Foley himself could have done a better job.  I liked all the characters and felt they put to life a story I held in my head for some time. 

We went to the park and ran the steps in the morning and someone displayed an outdoor art gallery on the public garden fence. 

The top of the park and steps.  That's P doing push ups.  I draw the line at that madness.

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