Thursday, September 27, 2018

I Will Be Here When You Are Ready to Roll With the Changes

Way back in the days of my mom and dad's restaurant there were times when my parents would introduce new dishes.  One of my personal favorites other than their breakfasts, which incidentally turned their ship around business wise. That was their successful breakthrough idea right before they gave up entirely.  Well another good one for me anyway was their homemade soups.  Maybe they had  three but I remember a vegetable one that my dad would serve up for himself and of course after his major black pepper dousing, he would put a few large spoonfuls of our freshly made hot sauce and let me tell you something.  THAT soup became so alive and extra!  And now its hard for me not to do that to all my soups, especially chicken with cabbage and tomatoes, potatoes. 
Midwestern Mexican might some day have it's own genre.  If so, this soup might be right up there with Tamale pie casserole. 

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