Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dig That Heavy Metal, Underneath Your Hood

My sister's view of her walking lake in Colorado
This summer I rode with P to park his car in Red Hook as a means to hang out and play together.  Alternate side parking provoked more than a few of these tag-alongs this year.  It's a short fun ride and it remains one of the few close tranquil spots where you can actually disembark the merry go round and just be. The Buttermilk Channel is right there to enjoy alone, like my sister's lake.  It's rare that more than a couple of people are around, even in summer except for a few hot spots.
Fairway has a nice spot out back facing the water to drink coffee and share a muffin.  I noticed the big planters were full of herbs, peppers and tomatoes this year.  Were they always there?

I never tire of looking at this old girl.

After taking some pictures, I lounged around the front seat reading, daydreaming and exchanging silly texts with my sister while P waxed and fiddled with something or other. 

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