Monday, July 23, 2018

Is This a Lasting Treasure or Just a Moment's Pleasure

P can take all the calm out of the air with his deep sighs, angst and heavy energy.  Sometimes his presence feels like a category 4 storm rolling through my calm island paradise. It's a side of him that I tolerate but have never gotten used to or fully
understood.  He's such a chill person normally but then for whatever reasons, and to be fair, usually specific, reasonable ones, he goes all whackadoodle on me.  Like he becomes electric.  And then I am hyper sensitive to any kind of force in my vicinity, I can't help it. I find it very hard to ignore a fussy being.  I pick up those bad readings like a cat.  Now I'm all wound up.  This is all opposite of serenity.
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I joke about darting him, bringing him down like a giant rhino so that I can retain my quiet space.  Standing over him like he's a trophy, which is horrible and disgusting when its a real innocent animal but funny when you fantasize about doing it to your husband.  He was gone for another road trip and just got back today.  I had the apartment sparkling clean when he was away.  Everything in it's place, candles burning, no water on the counters, no weird hairs in the bathroom sink.  Mona the cat was easy and sleeping peacefully on the fluffed up bedding.  I felt like the air was flowing through in a nice jet stream.  Then he walks in and muddles up all my chi.  I love him, don't get me wrong.  I want him around and I did miss him but good Lord in heaven you have to acknowledge the funk a man can put on a place, especially when you've just enjoyed several days of pure, peaceful bliss.
In honor of my gorgeous solo girlie time I made this cool pretty wedge salad with bacon, tomatoes, red onion and a great avocado Green Goddess dressing.

Earlier that morning a stroll in the park to run the steps I ran into a bunch of fireman in uniform. 

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