Monday, July 30, 2018

Weary Pilgrim, Welcome Home

Caprese Burger over Butter Lettuce
I may have been homeless in a previous life because I am super grateful for what some might call basic luxuries, like having a good meal or two each day.  This herbed brown rice coupled with a lettuce burger hit that spot.  The butter lettuce is so tender it's perfect to rip a small piece to tear away at the meat patty.  The grainy rice has that nutty bite, cooked in broth then mixed with the fresh herbs and a tiny pat of butter at the end.
Having a bed with clean sheets to sleep on, a roof over my head, that list does go on and on. Of course the love of eating is number one but the ability to take showers is pretty high on the beholden list. 
The ability to steep in soap and water is life.   Every time I'm toweling off or lathering up either in the bowels of summer or the coldest winter night, I consider how much of a game changer a simple bath can be to my overall mental health.  I assume others feel this as well. This is where your body really connects to your brain. Cleaning every nook, scrubbing the demons off my skin.  Rinsing away any bad funk from the day.  A fresh start, a new beginning each time. like a little miracle. The way your hair feels all bouncy pure air drying from the window breeze.  How your skin almost breathes in refreshment.  Leaving not one speck of make up on my face.  Every orifice spotless.  Yep, I'm a big fan of showers and bathing in general. 
Without this essential daily boost, I fear my mind would quickly wilt into the deep abyss. 

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