Saturday, July 28, 2018

25 or 6 to 4

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Its very rare that I wouldn't delight in multiple slices of pizza especially on a full blood moon eclipse night when we have major thunderstorms and extreme flash flood warnings.  That's a dream night for a  weather loving nerd like me.  It could only be better if I was off the next day.  I'm excited but I'm also full on wolfin' it big time. My adrenaline level is through the roof. My bike ride was effortless and I was even passing the tall skinny young dudes who usually leave me in their dust.  I rode, I did yoga, a little Tai Chi and I still fear I might eat the cat.  I asked P to hang back in the other room because let's face it, he's gonna say something stupid, some insensitive comment or do one of those things in front of me that drive me insane, like spill water all over the kitchen floor and then walk on it with his dirty shoes.  Or wipe his greasy hands on the couch armrest.  You know what, he doesn't even have to do anything, just thinking about his past crimes against sanitation is already making me want to pounce on his back and take him down.
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I'll need to wait this one out in solitude.  I've yet to meet another person that is affected to this degree by the full moon.  My body aches as though every muscle and vein want to burst through my skin.  My breathing is heavy.  Random hairs grow seemingly overnight. My mind races with the thoughts of the deranged. When I talk to people I feel I can see too far into their psyches.  And magically at daybreak everything tends to settle into a more manageable pace.  

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