Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer Nights Are Gone

Even though this was a perfectly good summer dinner offering, looking back at in now, this plate reminds me of a room where all the furniture is pushed up against the walls and there is no rug.  That's always bothered me. My aunt Helen's living room was like that in Ohio.  She had small children but I didn't realize that was the reason at the time.  I just thought she was terrible at setting up a house.
I wanted a banana split so bad on this night that P literally ran to get one up by Target and ran it all the way back home in about a hunnerd degree temperature.  Initially I imagined taking a few bites, maybe even saving half for the next day.  I swallowed that boat whole and barely came up for air!  The pineapple with the chocolate ice cream, the banana and the strawberry.  The nuts!  Good gawd!  This was a night for nostalgic soft serve, off the truck.

Earlier, ham and eggs for breakfast with tomatoes. 

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