Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lord Knows When the Cold Wind Blows It'll Turn Your Head Around

Pouring rain.  Take out spicy shrimp noodles from National Thai.  These are so good just seeing them again my tongue can bring to mind the exact taste and texture. It's something I don't know how to create on my own. They're hot but tart and the flat noodles absorb so much flavor somehow from that chili basil sauce. 

I'm writing this several months later in December.  This was mid-July a gorgeous summer rain shower and all the windows wide open. Nature's Prozac. It's good to remember these days when it's so much easier to live and the city and nature are showing you their best sides.
There was ripe watermelon and summer corn.  Leftover potato salad and fried chicken.  What perfect meals.  Foodies know that when you eat down home tasting food, no matter how delicious you always crave some kind of take-out spicy for the next meal. 
This winter I am determined to keep this care-free, cheerful feeling going even in it's darkest hours. 

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