Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Go On Take It! Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now Baby.

There is a ton of new nitrate free assorted flavored chicken sausages out there. And some are great tasting.  I wish I remembered which one is pictured here.  What they did was to keep the price, still pretty high but they took away two sausages in a pack.  Not too long ago, you would normally get 6.  Suddenly you get only 4.  And you pay it and you take it because you can still squeeze 2 - 3 meals for two people or sometimes more. 
But this strategy has been happening in all of our packaging for some time and I notice it more often now. Same look, less product.  In our toothpaste.  We're going through tubes very quickly.  In my mascara - seems like I kept one for months before.  At the corner market, a plastic carton of greens would be chocked full of spinach or Arugula but now has plenty of empty room and it's sliding around instead of popping up like popcorn when you open the lid.  With pinto beans there is about 3/4 cup of that slime juice.  So after rinsing there is far less beans per can.  It goes on. 
On one hand it feels deceitful but what can they do? The companies must find a way to remain profitable.  You just wonder if its always necessary.  The public is getting way better at sniffing out corruption.  And that has revealed skimming in places I never thought to look.  My own company is currently implementing underhanded tactics possibly to refresh the crew but on closer inspection, it's all pretty shiesty.  And will we just sit and take this too?  I'm used to getting screwed on the regular from every side.  I just wish once it could be a proper shagging.  

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