Wednesday, August 1, 2018

All I Want is a Photograph

On the early morning of a projected summer stormy day, we went to Alamo Drafthouse to see the new Mission Impossible.  Oh Tom's our guilty pleasure that one.  He is extremely fun to watch, especially knowing he may be bat shit crazy to boot.  He's Hollywood's elite souped up with the sacred science of knowing.  With him, unlike say Liam Neeson or Bruce Willis, whatever it is he's selling, Tom's always completely, one hundred percent committed and you can take that to the bank son!  Maybe one day he'll wake up and tell us an amazing tale of his life in a cult but for now I'm fine just letting him be this spectacular action star running incredibly fast across that big screen.  All the while knowing in my heart he did the best he could at every particular moment.  Even if he had to run the scene 50 times. Did I mention he does all of his own stunts?  Because if I didn't let me tell you, this is the kind of devotion bang you get for your buck.  Come for the action but stay for the crazy.  Remain for his little grins, his piercing, sparkly stares.  Take in all that charisma.  The man is a giver.  Your welcome,  you just got Cruise'd.
What's cool about summer storms is one shot is in front of me, the other is behind me.  

something big this way comes downtown

The early shows are most fun because you can drink coffee and be out by the time many folks are waking up.  The bad thing about Alamo is that you can have great fun food but you can't take pictures of it in the theater.  There is only the faint under light on the tables but they don't want you to have your phone on and certainly a flash would be frowned upon. At first it was exciting not seeing these treats, only tasting and feeling textures in your mouth, guessing the ingredients. But in the end, I do want to see the food, the plate they serve it on and the way they present it, all of it. I believe we settled on the 3 dip Chip Trio and I tried the avocado toast, which I see is no longer served. But anything I've ever tried there has been super tasty and the dips were no exception.  The toast was dressed in a sweet basil oil and it wasn't for me but it was so light and refreshing that I can honestly say I loved it without preferring it.  And that could only make sense to lovers of food.  Confessions of a foodie.

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