Saturday, August 11, 2018

Into This House We're Thrown, Into this World We're Born

B'klyn Burro Burritos 
First off I can't believe this place has been around for over 5 years. They are only a short walking distance from us and we just began enjoying their incredible offerings.  These two burritos were special as were the sauces each with a different depth of heat and pepper flavor.  Gosh I love food when it's good!

I also love weather, when it rains and storms.  Snow and wind.  When the sky does weird things.  I get all giddy when I hear thunder, when the air goes quiet or the clouds go dark.  What is it about a change in atmosphere that can provide such genuine happiness?  I really want to know because I'm desperate to find more of it, bottle it and save it for my future doldrums. 
It has something to do with absolute testament that we are powerless little animals.  That's the true reality.  We arm ourselves with all our money, savings accounts, computer passwords, jobs, possessions.  We try to conduct ourselves as civilized beings.  But the truth is if we really allow the world to come in, it proves immediately that we are just silly, odd, funny looking, not-so-hairy creatures that have no idea why we are here or what we are doing.
Another small delight was this surprise chocolate, raspberry cake for our 75th Anniversary at work.  For a second I also felt a fleeting sense of childlike elation.

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