Thursday, August 30, 2018

I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Breakfast egg on pizza slice
I get feels when I see an egg yolk broken open and the beautiful yellow river flowing down along side of almost anything, a burger, this pizza slice.  To me, that's beauty.  Some people hate eggs so that sight is grotesque, not enjoyable at all.  I can't relate but I do understand.  So I sort of get why people are tired of everyone being so offended by all these new things.  But also follow the folks who are upset.   We're at a weird place in our evolution where progressive thought is hitting me sideways.  Or at least in my logical mind we are taking an odd turn.  A people that do not like to be held to only one way of thinking are creating a vibe where that is exactly the only thing that is acceptable. The far left are no more capable of deciding what is right then the right.  But I have to keep reminding myself that on closer inspection, 'people' are being misrepresented by news feeds and political click bait articles,  meant to shake and stir.  Heated debates equal money so I imagine it's pretty easy to write up a story igniting some controversy that does not exist.  Who is actually equipped to say how the majority does feel these days? 
We are. I mean us, the friends, the relatives, each of us individually can kill this monster that is trying to destroy us and I don't mean Trump.  I think success is somehow rising above the fray, remembering the people you love are not the ignorant vile haters we've all been pounded to believe daily.  

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