Wednesday, August 8, 2018

He Got Down But He Never Got Tight

This was just a dinner salad.  Not a particularly refined one but certainly satisfying to me. When you mix room temperature bleu cheese with a vinaigrette a little magic happens, especially if you pair it with crisp broccoli, egg and salty meats, tomato.  I am very pro salad-for-dinner ideas in the summer because of the chill factor, the non turning on of the stove and the ease of it all, the clean-up and eating something fresh and cool in the heat.  Some things are just right and don't need to be discussed.
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Like how I think it's important that musicians just play the songs, record the albums.  Actors should play the role, writers write the books, artists paint the canvas.  Do we need to have sit down interviews to discuss the making of these things?  I think it's hardly ever a good idea.  Even when I want more of a musician or a filmmaker, actor, when I want to pursue further because I just couldn't get enough of the piece.  Even then its a bit of a disservice to discuss art beyond the actual viewing or listening. Something gets ruined, tainted.  They could never describe it better than what you experienced or felt inside yourself.  Your interpretation is the only truth.  And even if they did explain further, then it would only mean the performance was unsuccessful in creating what they meant.  The worst is when they ruin it entirely, because something about the way they expound turns you off so much that you never want to see them again.  Bruce Springsteen may have done this for me on his 'On Broadway' performance and storytelling.  At first I thought it may be genius and then a sneer started forming in my mind and just got stronger and stronger until I had to turn him off from sheer over saturation of his 'wisdom'. 

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