Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I Was Alone, I Took A Ride, I Didn't Know What I Would Find There

I waited all summer to take this shot of children playing in the open hydrants

I take little biking excursions before clocking in to my sales job often in order to calm my nerves, partly to prepare myself for what happens at this bizarre big yellow box.  My job is fairly normal in a place that is not.  Brooklyn is another planet for the most part.  And Red Hook in Brooklyn is a moon orbiting that distant world. Far enough away from the main hub and maintained with its own set of laws and rules.  There is no subway in, only two city buses and a ferry.  And biking.  I've biked in and out for the better of 10 years, riding around by myself.  I'm not sure if being a loner is a choice or an occupation.  I take great strides to remain solo, not because I don't like people but because I need lots of time to process my thoughts, take pictures and view the world.  That's why biking is so perfect - no room for anything but your thoughts.  These were the last days of summer and I didn't want to miss a drop.  It almost couldn't get any greener, nor hotter, no more alive. 

To commemorate the period and mock the sites of the day I made us lettuce chili dogs with Nathan's Beef Franks that night piled high. 

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