Thursday, August 23, 2018

It's a Supernatural Delight

The full moon was a positive energy giver this time.  It's pull got me home in seconds, the bike felt like it was riding itself, effortless.  As usual I couldn't take my eyes off of it the whole ride home.  It feels like a giant eyeball in the sky staring at me.  I can't ignore certain things when the moon is shining full.  I can't reject all my animal instincts and untamed nature. I must learn the appropriate use of this amazing burst of raw vitality. I stand on the edge of the island flailing my arms saying I'm here, I'm here.  The moon is screaming come out, come out!! 
Later, back in the cage I made a decent quick supper idea.  Corn Meal mush seasoned with cayenne and cheddar and then ground turkey, peas and corn on top.  
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