Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Love Will Abide, Take Things in Stride

The Ranch Burger from 67
Does your mouth start to water when you see this picture of a delicious chocolate shake?  I know how good these are and the way that fat straw feels in my mouth.  The slow pull of the thick milky chocolate ice creaminess up that shaft.  That last bit of cocoa hitting the back of your taste buds as you take in a big gulp.  Oooh, there's a bit of solid texture but no, it just melted. That super cold mixed with softness coating your tongue.  What could be better?
And I have the answer to that.  The Ranch Burger from 67 Burger.  Thin sliced delicate onion rings drizzled with a tangy ranch sauce, melted cheese over grass-fed, grain-finished, all natural beef from farms who are committed to responsibly-raising their meat.  Whew! Isn't that a mouthful? And so were the first bites of this perfect for the moment burger from our local burger joint. 
I say for the moment because although this burger was so tasty, the flavors were working perfectly with that toasted bun, and I enjoyed it tremendously, foodies know that the vast universe includes incredible burgers and really good burgers. No burger I've met has ever been truly bad.  You sometimes need to put them into perspective though for scale.  If someone makes you a burger, it becomes special automatically. Any food prepared for you is tops.  Did you make it yourself, were you trying to be healthy as in a good black bean or turkey burger?  If so, those can be surprisingly tasty because you set your expectations lower.  Was the burger super fast and convenient, like a piping hot bacon cheeseburger from McDonald's that you share outside of Target with your mate in a quick romantic moment?  Drive in burgers are sort of nostalgic, unwrapping that paper wrapped foil and therefore get points for bringing your serotonin levels up. Was the burger, as this one was, brought to you as a surprise last minute after a long shift and therefore steps up several notches on the scale of deliciousness? 
I stand by burgers.  Every burger matters. 

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