Sunday, May 27, 2018

We Must Make This Run Successful, From the Cradle to the Grave

Life is not for the faint of heart.  It's not always pretty.  Like this turkey veggie burger with herbs and an avocado crema. It was good, certainly satisfying and went well with the leftover green beans.  But it wasn't exactly a feast for your eyes.  It was what it was, a fairly uninspired dinner.

But that being said, it was a ridiculously gloomy day. The rain isn't quite yet the soft, warm summer drops that will fall in the coming months.  It was chilly, heavy, cold and grey.
The store was empty for a Sunday too which makes the customers even more annoying. The word bleak comes to mind.  Nothing particularly wrong but void of all light, happy things. A day that already feels like the past while you're living in it. On days like this I'm brutally reminded I am still in mourning for my mom and brother and all things sad. 
Lunch at work was a salad with chicken wings. Even the greens looked tired.  Drained of their nutrients.  Wilted and lifeless.  I hope we can all agree that's the last time those already sliced tomatoes need to be wheeled out for human consumption. Their best day has long passed.
And on the sunny side of the country, my dad sits on his walker at my mother's grave.  My niece passed me the picture. So sad to see but yet a beautiful moment captured in the hot Arizona sun.  This is sorrow in it's pure state.  Reasonable, sense making grief in an honorable setting, with flowers and flags.  Heartbreaking but necessary and respected.
Somehow this far away misery I'm in feels so much less noble.  

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