Saturday, May 5, 2018

Everything is Beautiful, In it's Own Way

Cinco de Mayo.  I have a confession.  I like tacos but my true love is tostadas and enchiladas. And if I could eat white flour tortillas, I would love to experiment with a variety of burritos.  But never do I ever make fajitas.  I think that's because it seems like such a made up restaurant meal.  Those sizzling platters coming through and everyone turning their heads. It always seemed too showy-silly to me.
I can't bbq outside but I marinated and cooked the steak on my grill pan.  We bent the rules for the day and had tiny white tortillas, all warm and soft.  I put out everything so you could make your own.
The best part for me was the nectarine pico de gallo.  As pretty as it was tasty.
Is there anything better than tasting with smell and sight, then the actual flavor sensation really coming through, making it all a complete experience?
Earlier that day, an egg lettuce wrap for breakfast.

A walk in Fort Greene park.  Saw a beautiful, interesting red bird and some crazy pink flowers that looked like they should be white.

The color pink kept popping up all over demanding recognition.  Not my favorite color but when nature makes it, quite dramatic and effective.

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