Sunday, May 20, 2018

I Hear Her Voice In the Morning Hour She Calls Me

When I was little there was a book about a city mouse and a country mouse that I loved.  I've always enjoyed thinking of my sister and I as these two water color painted characters in an old Golden storybook. Her in nature by the mountains and lakes, fishing and loving life.  And me walking the busy city streets eating all the cheap treats from local vendors.  And it is that way, mostly.
Texting has made it possible to stay in touch everyday, share our food selections and different literal views.  Over population has changed both of our environments but we strive to enjoy what we always wanted from both of these worlds.
Black Bean White Cheddar Burgers with Green Beans in Tomato Sauce

She made Spaghetti Supreme like we used to eat back in Fort Wayne at the local PIzza King.  How exciting it was to enjoy one of the first really pumped up super-sized entrees.  A baked spaghetti with pepperoni, mushrooms topped with mozzarella.  At the time, we thought that was as good as Italian food would ever get.  The dish actually still holds up.  They served it in those oval shaped oven safe casseroles, double plated as it was too hot to touch.  You would have to sprinkle it with Parmesan and pepper flakes to complete the experience.  They always had to warn you not to touch the plate. And the best garlic bread to sop up the leftover sauce on the bottom.

Earlier that day P and I  had an amazing breakfast reminiscent of the original food carts in the city only now it was from a chef's food court.   High end breakfast tacos with real freshly made tortillas and chips, put together with thought and sauces to die for.

Things are changing everywhere and maybe you have to look a lot harder for those golden moments but they do still exist for us all.

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