Friday, May 25, 2018

Just the Other Side of Nowhere

Leftover chicken tortilla soup.  Even better the following days.
I did a self hair cut where I made these big 70's style chunky sides.  What I really want is girly side burns and I hope to figure out how to make them someday without looking like a mo-ron.   Not sure it worked as well as I thought but it did give a little extra flair to my clipped up work do.  My thought process was if I screwed it up bad enough I would have enough nerve to go to a real stylist.  And I eventually did weeks later.
The great and the sad thing about being a woman of a particular age is that almost no one gives a flying hoot what the hell you do with your hair or your body.  It's like the population drops their expectations by about 100 percent.  So much that most don't even bother peeping your way for any reason at all.  The curiosity directed towards us gals over 55 just goes dark.  Its an adjustment but also a mixed blessing.  I'm definitely less self conscious now, freed up to do things that I like rather than what I believe people want to see.  Not that I had success in that area either.  Come to think of it, I've always been able to live just under the radar, in my own little world. 

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