Friday, May 11, 2018

I Ain't No Fortunate One, No

I had leftover brown rice and not much else for dinner, so I roasted some onions, an apple that wasn't getting any younger and added tomatoes for a pop of freshness over a chicken sausage with cheese. I'm a sucker for Bean with Bacon soup and it's filling and cheap.
The neighbors downstairs have sole access to the garden out back. We're not allowed to use it.  It's not all that down there actually and to be honest we would never go down there if we could but that doesn't stop me from feeling all snarky about it.  I resent privileges.  It makes absolutely no sense I realize but I'm put off by the rule not the kids themselves. They've actually put tons of work in and have made a little herb garden and upkeep two long rows of flowering plants, along with investing in some patio furniture to spruce it up. I like to peak out the window like Mrs Kravitz keeping myself abreast of any doings.

We have a new outdoor area on the corner that the city just redid though.  Plenty of tables and it's a great spot to sit and people watch.   So the universe can just kiss my grits! 
Image result for kiss my grits gif

Breakfast was a simple scramble with avocado and tomatoes. 

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