Thursday, May 3, 2018

Take It Easy Baby, Make it Last All Night

When spring finally does arrive I realize I'm not ready.  I want the flowering trees, the warmth, the sunny days with birds singing but just like everything good, I love the right before the most.  The not there yet moments.  When the pizza arrives and you stand there with the box open, realizing how great it's going to be.  Looking at the ocean before you dive in realizing you're actually on vacation and soon you will be floating in refreshing water.  The night before your day off, all the great, fun ideas you want to do.  Somewhere along the way I started equating living in the actual event as meaning, its almost over.  This is why I wait as long as possible to open presents.  I see all this beauty and I feel anxiety that its all happening too fast.  Suddenly I'm stressed that I won't be able to become cheery before the high heat comes.  Mother nature is coming all over the place and I haven't even gotten to first base.
These beauties were just as good before, during and after.  The tofu and peanuts made these lettuce wraps also with bamboo shoots, carrots, celery, ground sausage and green onions. 

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