Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Girl Can't Help It

P told me today that he's always thinkin' and it just hit me so funny. I knew what he meant but I couldn't help but wonder if he thought perhaps that I have many moments of pure void. Actually come to think about it, maybe I do. Especially lately.
I'm coming around the ugly end of 50 years old and I do have to say it does make a difference of sort, I mean, getting a little older. Let's just say there are lots of changes going on and not all of them bad by the way but I do admit I feel half doped up more days than not. Like someone shut the lights out up here.

But not everyday! This week I actually came up with a fun challenge to recreate my two favorite Campbell's Soups, Bean with Bacon and Beef with Vegetables and Barley. And by doing this I also took care of dinner for the week. It took no effort and it was just as easy to make two huge vats of soup than it was one. It's also a great way to use up the whole bag of carrots and celery. You chop one onion, you can chop two.
A little Liquid Smoke in the bean soup was an excellent idea!

Women go through so much. We make people! Okay, I haven't made any but all my sisters have and obviously my mother and now my nieces. We maintain households and we put up with odd men and their little idiosyncrasies. Then we have all these hormones and changes, pain and moods. Hot flashes and anxiety. Most of us hold much higher standards than men. We are harder on ourselves and don't give ourselves proper credit.
On the other hand men have the ability to take pride in the simplest of accomplishments like doing what we women call 'being awake'.

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