Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Put Your Troubles Down, It's Time to Celebrate

So it's traditional to make the Thanksgiving pie the night before so that we can have it for breakfast as P doesn't 'do after-dinner desserts'. (roll eyes). Actually its better that way because you get the big fatty dessert in the morning and you have more time to work it off. However, on these big holidays we're never too concerned with moving much. It's time to celebrate.

The best part about Thanksgiving is we usually get a pizza the night before because I'm too busy doing prep work on the sides. We kept it lighter with just two slices each from Not Ray's Pizza. SO good. Perfect New York pizza.

The other cool thing was I found a new pie recipe where you make the filling into almost a caramel sauce before baking by heating the sugars and butter longer. Pecan pie is one of the most fattening of the holiday pies. But it is P's favorite and I love it too. With real whipped topping it says Thank You better than I ever could. Also the fresh orange zest made it nice and bright.

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