Monday, November 19, 2012

Tell It Like It Is

My sister R is a much better baker than I'll ever aspire to be but she's definitely inspired me to make healthier sweet treats with less sugars and fats using honey, apple sauce, and even lessening my fear of experimenting. However, I don't dare try to get all fancy pants or anything. I stick to recipes that are ranked 'easy' on the web. Because baking scares me frankly. It's serious grown up stuff. Plus like I've said before, I practically have an Easy Bake oven. It's tiny and the heat regulation is way off. Actually, its probably about what I can handle. I made these blondies with whole wheat flour, 1/2 the sugar and tons of toasted walnuts and chocolate chips. And they didn't suck!
Disclaimer: Look, I know blondies are hardly Baked Alaska or anything but this was the first time I actually took a regular recipe and tweaked it based on additional information I got on the web. So it was a small step for some but a giant leap for me.

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