Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pick Up the Pieces

Working on a Sunday let alone the Sunday after Sandy was about as depressing as it gets. But I dragged my tired ass out there to see who would be shopping at at time like this. First I checked out the pier. I thought maybe there would be some weird shit washed up along the shore but you would have never guessed anything happened in certain parts.

It was bright and sunny, the water was glistening. It was nice seeing the Statue of Liberty standing so strong. Old girls been through a lot, like me.

When I got home I was determined to celebrate this good day, even if part of it had to be spent in commercial prison. Left over baked chicken mixed with black beans and yogurt made for a great topping for my avocado tostadas made with oven-toasted corn torts.

Tostadas all piled high with cold lettuce and layers of all kinds of goodness. With these round edible plates of happiness how could anyone not feel blessed.

This city doesn't always show its sweet side but when you think about it being gone or ruined, well then you recognize how important it is for New York to stay strong.

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