Friday, November 16, 2012

So Move It On Over, Drag It On Over

Long story short we have two rooms in our tiny apartment. P thought it would be best to finally switch the rooms around so the layout makes better sense. Our bedroom was a foot from the front door but we live on a main street and it is so noisy that you almost can't fathom sleeping in the front room.
However, in the winter with the windows closed and a white noise machine, its doable. We'll have to cross the spring bridge when we come to it. So, we commenced to switching it all around and I put up the pictures and paintings today. Got it all set.

One perk was that I was able to make a tiny eating area and a little country corner that bleeds out from my teeny kitchen. This was inspired by a crocheted fruit bowl cover that my mother in law sent me as a gift. Sweet! This provides me with space for my Cuisinart, blender, mixer, spices, etc.

It was a lot more work than I would have wished for on my day off, dragging everything around, but I do have to say Patrick was right to push it. He did move the heavy stuff but his support ended there. Thank goodness I had my leftover Thai to heat up and refuel before tackling the bedroom.

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