Saturday, November 17, 2012

You Didn't Have to Feed Me Like You Did, But You Did

Once in a blue moon P will throw the old girl a bone and go out and fetch dinner without me having to be involved at all. This to me is a dozen roses. This is a diamond ring from Zales. I'd rather come home from work and see this big hot plate of shrimp lo-mein that I didn't have to call in myself than almost anything. But as an unexpected extra, he actually ordered a poo-poo platter. The dish we always joke about getting but never even knew what it was. By the way, uh, its a whole artery clogging plate of fried things and meat. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're young and hung over which thank God I'm neither.

However P looked a little green around the gills on this night come to think of it...

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