Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Season's Change and So Did I

There is an amazing sweet potato pork stew that you make extree special by adding homemade roasted tomato salsa to your braised pork meat. It's a two-day affair. After all your meat is browned, you braise it in the oven with wine, beer or stock for two hours with lots of onion and garlic. Take the meat out of the juices and fridge both overnight. Then you get the defatted juices as your broth for making the stew the next day...mmmmm. You put in all your vegetables and at the end add your cup of salsa and that just spins it out of control. I've made it a couple times and once it was out of this world...like, Nasty good! When there is snow on the ground, its the dish to make.
But its not that cold out yet and it's Tuesday, so I had to make revisions and short cuts. I flash browned the meat coated in a seasoned flour, then added chicken stock, spices,covered and cooked that stove-top for about an hour. Then just added all the chopped vegetables, red and yellow peppers, sweet potatoes, corn until tender and served. Top with a nice fresh herb and you're golden.

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