Saturday, December 31, 2022

Time Washes Clean, Love's Wounds Unseen

Tater Tot Nachos
I added cheddar, taco meat, sour cream and green onions to baked tots for a quick tater nacho for my after work impromptu party on New Year's Eve.  We settled in to watch Miley and Dolly's TV Special and it was a mixed bag of delights, some bizarre, some surprises.  All completely worth it!
For Dolly's outfit alone on I Love Rock and Roll. I hope Joan Jett got a chance to see that. 
David Byrne was mesmorizing and his voice was dynamic as ever.  The band Liily caught me off guard and took my breathe away.  What a pop of brilliance in an otherwise musical circus (i.e., Paris Hilton, SIA in a box).  Dolly can do no wrong and has earned her place and right to do whatever she pleases.  She is an icon and we're so lucky to have her. Miley is intoxicating and I couldn't take my eyes off of her as a performer.  She knows how to wow and then that voice and those legs!

The crowd was interesting but the best part was seeing the young girls cry when she sang Party in the USA!  

Lots of gays, as expected with those two at the helm.  A formidable welcoming of the New Year. All fabulous!
I'm a little foggy right now though on the gayification of EVERYthing!  Why does every single movie and TV Series have to include mandatory LGBT+ characters and love scenes?  I'm someone who could do without love scenes across the board, especially in thrillers and all other genres except romance.  Some of us are not lovers of lovers.   I'm not going to get pissed off if you make a legitamate romance movie, like 2017's Disobedience. That movie took my breath away.  So well done and beautifully written.  I think we should show diversity in characters across all genres, as it is in life. But can't it be more natural, as it is in reality?   

It's embarrassing how Hollywood is so easily manipulated and how quickly they abandoned protecting the art over fear of losing money.  Or maybe it's just how powerful the woke has become over industry.  Doesn't anyone come forward to stand up for artistic integrity anymore?  

(Spoiler Alert) We are watching the series The Last of Us and one whole episode took a giant turn to the entire plot to feature an unnecessary, poorly written, male love story that ended in layered grossness, selfishly taking their own lives and cloaking it in heroic romance.  I may be in the minority here and I love Nick Offerman but to me this was an overly sweet, sugar laden dessert that was tough to get down.  Not only that but all the group-think publications fell in line to call it brilliant and best ever.   It turns out the director, used his power to trick his audience into witnessing what he feels is controversial, two males falling in real love.  Um, unless you live under a rock, dude, everyone has gay friends, family, recording artists, actors, coworkers, and down the line.  We have seen real love, nothing brand new here.  When can we move on from this topic?!  Show us something real.  How is this even being funded?  Again, it had nothing to do with the plot and took me out of the series flow like a psychotic daydream.  I'm happily in bed with my nuclear fall-out zombies trying to forget my own damn troubles.

In order to show how over saturated this is, I say replace all of these film scenarios with a put-upon Mexican immigrant story. After all, they are certainly repressed, experience violence and injustices.  What if you had to sit through the same cookie-cutter Maria and Juan love story and struggle in every movie and series?  Is this something anyone would tolerate?  In order to educate the cists and racists who clearly need the learnin'?  No way!  It is becoming my true belief that almost any group that gains a little power, will eventually missue and abuse it and then a horse trail miles long will follow of mindless trolls.  Maybe history has already proven this but nevertheless shocks me seeing it come to fruition from a group I once admired so dearly.  Or does it?

People are not groups, they are individuals as different as snowflakes.  And just how the BLM movement became infiltrated by shiesty charlatans under our noses, I have to wonder how the folks that I know and love think about all of this new gay strong arming in media?  We know now that many times the individuals behind all of these change movements, may not be who we think.  Who's behind all of this, really?

Are legitimate gays behind this or is it woke housewives or millennials that need to affect the universe in some profound way.  My generation saw the Aids epidemic and the end of the hippy free love movement so there is perspective and depth to our concern over treatment of many groups but certainly gay rights.  However, I came from an opening when lines were less sharp in regards to sexuality.  One could explore being with the any sex to decide if it was for them at any time.  You could go for years without picking a side and never had to label or put yourself in a specific box.  Who you were as a person had nothing to do with the exact way in which you chose to have sexual intercourse or love another individual for that matter.  Hell my long time, not so young, friend is having urges to live and be with a woman again, and I say, cool.  Its neither good nor bad. 

In fact I've lived so long to learn I'm not special at all, and you're not special and no one is an island. We're all more similar than we are different in ways that matter and that is a tough pill to swallow, especially when you're quite proud of your uniqueness.  True individuality and creativity is beautiful, and inclusiveness is already here.  People who have a hard time embracing that are not going to be taught by forcing a bear love scene on a popular TV series. 

Feature Mexicans, black lesbians, gay couples, transgender teens and all the flavors of the rainbow in movies and TV series, I'm all for that.  That's how it should be.  But damn it,  let them be realistic characters, as they truly are, not teaching stereotype robots to infiltrate and force-feed everyone your personal vendettas. 

Happy New Year Bitches😄!

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