Thursday, December 22, 2022

In Every Moment There's a Reason to Carry On

Dark Chocolate Chip Star Cookies 
I came home from work and found a gift bag of Christmas cookies on the stairs!  Our neighbors are quiet, kind, and bare the best offerings.  We don't know what we did to deserve them, as they have been a godsend to this building.  Years ago we had an elderly couple, may they rest in peace, that sold drugs and were alcoholics, with cleanliness and hoarding issues.  But they also had many beautiful sides to them and were always very kind to us.  I found my neighbor more than once laid out either on the stairs or outside with bleeding wounds and his wife Peaches came home some days looking so disheveled, I thought she'd been in a terrible accident. It's a very hard life for some and it's a great reminder when you see someone living through theirs in real time first hand that its almost a sin to complain about our petty nonsense.  People may say, it's all relative, but is it really??  

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