Thursday, December 8, 2022

And It's Getting More and More Absurd

Jerk Chicken Lunch from Island Shack
This chicken is the reason we take out food from local eateries.  Just look at the glossy finish of the sauce draping across the charred chicken.  I could cry, knowing how amazing the slightly sweet rice will taste with the steamed crisp vegetables against the deep heat of that Jerk sauce.  I look on this with utter respect for the cook.  How unworthy are we mere mortals for this type of food, when you think about it.  I mean, we were hunter gatherers minutes ago and now, just a notch on the evolutionary scale, we're living in a time when we can eat exceptionally prepared food, that may not be around for too much longer.  Food that only Kings and Queens were privy to in their palaces years ago, I'm eating in elastic pants, in my Brooklyn apartment.  Life can be so absurd.

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