Thursday, December 29, 2022

I Got a Feeling, A Feeling Deep Inside

Sometimes things are perfectly fine, like this baked Chicken dinner served with Broccoli Rabe and creamy polenta.  It was missing nothing, delicious and warming.  A perfectly fine balanced meal.  It's just that, what I really wanted was something completely different, like baked lasagna or Calzone.  Therefore, my stomach was bored by this meal.  Not just bored but dissatisfied.
See the two new little babies growing where my cactus broke?! Time heals all wounds.
It's strange how one day this exact same meal could serve all your desires and the next, becomes too bland to placate, even making me feel a little sad for no reason.  Why does your gut crave excitement on certain days?  It needs a punch of spice or tangy tomato to stir things up in order to revive and awaken itself affecting everything including mood.  They say your stomach is as intelligent as your brain, so it does speak to us throughout the day.  If you're trying to be present, and paying attention to your body more, you start to notice the stomach is very outspoken, a real chatty Cathy.  And like a mad scientist we try to appease her throughout the day with various concoctions.  I paired this with an extra lemoned-up iced seltzer and garlic stuffed olives and those helped appease my persnickety, disinterested belly. 

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