Tuesday, December 20, 2022

That I Might Understand You

Pizza Slices cut into squares so they could be eaten as a snack and everyone knows, snacking doesn't count.
Earlier that day, I made another biggie-girl breakfast of ham and poached eggs on avocado toast with leftover roasted potatoes. Bacon and eggs or Ham and eggs?  It's like choosing Pepperoni or Sausage pizza. Both are perfection.  
I've been falling asleep to You Tube chefs, trying to get inspired to make interesting meals and step out of my comfort zone.  Although come to think of it, mainly I'm just watching food porn until I sleep. Research, I call it.  But while viewing, I notice that the Tuber's seem more desperate to get not only your Like but for you to subscribe and become a Patreon supporter.  They have become clingy partners who want you to say you love them on the first date!  Hell, it's not even a date, you might have just been walking by and decided to take a quick peak.  Okay, I understand, it's easy enough to press the like button, although I wish they'd make it possible to do in full screen.  This new pseudo friend is going to waste a couple of minutes of my life asking me to subscribe too...then without skipping a beat, they're already asking for me to become a Patreon?  Dude, we just met, now I'm gonna give you money every month, just like that!?  It all happens much too fast.  Not only that but you get commercials interrupting the videos.  Plus you have to listen to the host talk out a commercial since they all have sponsors suddenly.  Here's someone you're trying to spend some time with, so to speak, but your'e watching them fake how they love a product and maybe some do, but I got the feeling that most don't.  So now we got trust issues.  Everyone has to make a buck, sure.  I suppose I'm a fool to believe people have free time to keep producing incredible content simply for the love of the art.  But it's hard to accept that everyone does it mainly for the money.  Maybe they're just trying to make a living, doing something they love.  I could understand that.  I just don't get why everything has a price tag on it these days.    

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