Monday, December 26, 2022

Lord It's Like a Hard Candy Christmas

P was gone to visit his family.  I rode to work the morning after Christmas day in frigid weather, in fact the coldest I'd ever ridden in, except for Christmas Eve, which was even more brutal that night.  I wanted to hit my record on a holiday, it seemed almost like a bucket list item.  An introvert's fight club with one suffering member.  I wanted to feel something, even if it was painful.  A retail Christmas story.  One of the good things about working in retail during the holidays is there is a short-lived comradery with coworkers.  They may feel compelled to give you little gifts out of the blue, like this lady who brought this delicious spiced drink concoction, called Sorrel and boozy cake bite, in cute little containers.  Both were so sweet I wasn't able to finish but loved them just the same.  

My bud thinks Peanuts is life and had expressed her love on the 1/8 Weekly Playlist.  She would be Lucy, by the way.

I think that yes, we can all agree that the magic of Peanuts runs deep.  I stumbled across this article that revealed I am Snoopy in the Charlie Brown universe of zodiac signs the week before and had similar thoughts.  I mean, for one I was so caught up in my stupid pre-holiday angst, I never took the time to pick out small items that might make someone else's day.  These are people I care about.  That does come across as self-centered and I guess it is except it felt more like hell not to participate more.  I get joy in doing Christmas, I just couldn't be there this year, physically or mentally.  I consider sharing traits with man's best friend a high honor and even though I always figured myself more of a Woodstock, the stars don't lie. 
P would be Peppermind Patty!
Who are you?

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