Wednesday, December 21, 2022

In Me You See a (Wo)man Alone

Hey Girl!
P left to visit his family for the holidays and to beat a once in a generation storm that he might intercept with if he didn't leave early.  Blizzard like white-out conditions in only 1 or 2 inches of snow, whipping through the Midwest, set to slam right into him just as he was pulling in around St Louis.   My weather nerd mapping would put him out of danger but it would depend on Mother Nature's shifting moods. It has been an odd coincidence that he leaves town during almost all of our major weather events. This time it was to get colder than the devil's nutsack here in Brooklyn and I wondered what kind of mayhem might ensue in the bitter frigidness.  I was sent this very soothing tea which is a step above and the packaging gave me giggles.  My sister always hooks me up with the best products and this would provide calming warmth during this glacial celestial marvel. 
Working through the holidays has it's small rewards though, especially if you like to observe the world.  Like in the puzzle above, alone time gave me perspective that I hadn't considered before.  Being alone allows you to hear your own thoughts and then finally to not hear anything and just listen.  That is my favorite place to be, alone with everything together all at once. 

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