Monday, August 1, 2022

When You're Around My Life's Worthwhile

Salisbury Steak over Smashed Sweet Potatoes

I love Chef John of and this is his recipe  He has a variety of You Tube instructional videos and has a no nonsense approach.  I've learned so many great tips from watching him.  I've also started dating a new site called Sip and Feast, a good Italian food channel that shows how to make many pasta favorites.  The chef is a dad of two cute kids that taste test his food at the end and give ratings.  Somehow these kids have managed to stay authentic and unrehearsed and are genuinely young foodies.  And Jim, the chef is from Long Island, a magical place where many a good friend has been born.  In lieu of real people, they have become my friends at night before I go to sleep.  When I watch a chef spicing and cooking their own dishes, it provides enough essence that I can then try to re-create the recipe to be similar if not correct.  It's like watching the movie without reading the book.  The detailed recipes are best if you want to make a classic recipe.  Simply seeing the ingredient list can be enough for me on occasion.  After all these years, I can only make a short list of standard recipes.  Maybe that will be something to work on going forward, however the most fun is when you get to play with your food and invent and create.  

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