Sunday, August 21, 2022

Learning From Eachother, While We Do Our Thing

Chicken & Avocado BLT
I loved my recent retro BLT on whole grain bread but could not resist adding thinly sliced chicken breast as well as big slices of avocado, and red onion.  These extra players transformed it into a proper dinner sandwich.  Slices of melon, chips and dip rounded out the meal.  After watching a Martha Stewart tutorial on constructing sandwiches 'the right way', I would have added another piece of toast and layered the chicken on another level to make a triple decker.  That would be the ultimate and wish I had thought of it sooner.  
Similar to sifting through used vinyl bins, I've found a few fresher thinking chefs on the web in my latenight searches.  Some seem to fit with my way of cooking, or my aspirations anyway.  I am not in the Martha Stewart school of thought. I don't believe in 'correct' ways of cooking.  As my bud likes to say, there are no guilty pleasures in music and I feel the same towards creating food.  She is the only person I know who thinks Phil Collins is sexy, and I support that and it only makes me love her more. There are a thousand ways to love and appreciate music and food.   This guy is a professional home cook and likes to go off recipe and just feel the waters.  I think he enjoys the experience of doing, getting to it and then gets super stoked when it works out. Playing with a thought or idea is the best part of cooking.  I fail, so to speak but always learn something from it.  Even though I forgot to do it here, it's better to smash the avocado and season it, so you can spread it on the bread, otherwise the slices slide out the sides.  

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