Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What Goes On in Your Mind

If you daydream long enough about dinner ideas the only thing there is 'time' for is New York pizza slices 

We had a meeting at work including lots of numbers and charts that I can't relate to.  So, as my mind wandered off, daydreaming about what I would make for dinner that night, my eyes suddenly centered on the best graphic I had seen yet.  It was of a clock and every hour said, now.  I would buy this clock if we sold it.  Time is somewhat of a nemesis for me.  Currently at home, we've replaced our wall clock with a framed picture of Ringo Starr, as he represents an easy, calm reminder that the time is right now and actual details are unimportant.  He was such a constant forgiving presence in the Get Back documentary, a real reminder to accept what is happening in the moment and not to concentrate on the future, or the past.  When we begin to get anxious and look at the spot where the clock has been for years, checking the 'time', we now see Ringo, not smiling, just looking back at us as if to say, what the hell do you want from me? 

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