Monday, August 29, 2022

Warm Us Up and Watch Us Blow

Chicago's famous Chicken Vesuvio
This classic dish named after the Mount Vesuvius volcano near Naples, is a specialty in Chicago's Italian-American Restaurants, I've just now discovered on my late night Youtube recipe dives. It sounded right up my alley as I'm always looking for new chicken recipes.

As with any classic dish, you may want to read a handful of recipes before deciding which is best for you.  To reach this common goal of lemony, crispy potatoes and chicken skin pre-browning ahead of roasting is key to crispy everything.  You can do it separately or together in the roasting pan as they suggest below.  I love all the garlic and the extra kick of lemon.  I chose to add the bright green peas as many suggest.  I added onions just because I love them roasted.  I didn't use wine, only chicken stock but didn't miss it.  With the rich fat, then the garlicky broth and bright lemon cutting through, the hint of thyme, it was as comforting as anything I've eaten in a while.  
I jumped the gun a bit in anticipation of cooler Fall evenings and this will be awesome in the months to come. 

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