Wednesday, August 10, 2022

I Nearly Lost You There, And It's Taken Us Somewhere

Serendipity 3 - An old school themed visit with the hopes of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

It was to be Lisa Loomis Day here in the city, the day one of my favorite people would come to be in my vicinity.  She and her mate chose New York City for their vacation destination.  August may not be the best  time to come, and during a major heat wave but the city needs the cash, and I was thrilled to see her.  We're recovering and morphing into the next phase of this town's insane history.  Coming from Los Angeles, she has seen her own share of absurdity.  But NYC is coming up to speed again, especially noticable this summer and businesses are working hard to hold on, trying new things.  
Papaya King 
People in your life tend to come and go.  But our time in San Francisco so many years ago was concentrated broth that was not easily forgotten.  We worked and lived together, partied and ate, had mutual friends and shared some milestone hardships as well as many remarkable days.  There are a handful of people that you can start where you left off as if no time had passed.  Those are very special humans and I am truly lucky to know any of them. 
Lisa is a fellow foodie.  She understands nuance in flavors.  She cares about what she orders and considers all options when scrolling the menus.  She's a girl you can talk about the quality of the fry on a potato.  My kind of gal.  So knowing I had an afternoon with her, I scrambled to find the right eat spots.  She stayed in Times Square, which I took as an old school theme.  She mentioned wanting to try Papaya King thinking it was in Brooklyn but the only one left is in Manhattan's Upper East Side.  Traditionally, I've not been a great host, I struggled to find a great old diner for the breakfast spot and then got lost walking through the village as I always do, so we ended up at the Chelsea instead of the University Grey Dog location, a spot that came recommended, and it was very good.  The coffee wasn't incredible.  My thinking is that if you're going to be a semi-pricey breakfast joint, you need that quality, super hot coffee, not the cheap diner warmish kind.  But the bacon and buttery croissant made up for it.  

Serendipity pecan pie and Hot apple pie ala-mode
I knew better than to trust Serendipity but I always remembered it as a place my friend's mother's older upper crusty buddy took us to after the theater.  It's been around for years and I love institutions and the art deco feel of it, the location and idea of an old fashioned ice-cream parlor.  It's pink and girlie inside and turned out, cold as hell.  The pie's weren't made in house and the cute boy waiter didn't really make anything sound too appealing, but we had hot dogs to eat and another 30 blocks to walk to get there, so we settled on pie and passed on the $25 dollar giant sundaes.  It must have been 100 degrees out with the humidity, but we still managed to walk and talk about all things life when our mouths weren't full of food. 
Lisa noticed all the little dogs in the city like they were old friends, so sweet!

Breakfast at the Grey Dog
This is the first time that I took no pictures of the city during a visit which is a testament to the quality of the conversations and also my inability to multitask.
Me looking like Ronnie James Dio (hashtag covid hair loss)  in the humidity but all smiles and good times had by all.

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