Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier

Vegetable Beef Soup 

I made vegetable beef soup like the Women's Day take on Beef Bourguignon, without the Cognac and wine.  I replaced those with Worcestershire and Beef Bone broth (Better than Bouillon), but also browned the tomato paste in the fond to develop the flavors beforehand instead of adding it raw into the stock.  It was highly satisfying and I will recreate on a cold winter's day instead of in a heat wave.  In any case, it travels well for lunch box meals and is self contained with all the vegetables and protein you need. Plus the broth is super filling without weighing you down.  After you do a few of these stews, you find it's merely a pattern of searing the meat and then adding a base with vegetables and stock.   

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