Thursday, August 4, 2022

Where Did All the Blue Skies Go?

Shredded Chickeny-Chicken and Lime Noodle Soup
Home made broth and slow stewed chicken with brown Thai noodles and chili oil changed up this classic soup.  The flavors are super concentrated when you make your own broth.  There is something very comforting about Chicken Soup in the summer. You wouldn't think a hot broth would be helpful but sweating refreshes the body. 

Cold Cucumber Soup
I made two soups, hot and cold like the world.  This incredibly refreshing cold cucumber soup is only for summertime, complete with with fresh herbs and Feta.  The joy you get from eating cold soups I can only imagine is restricted to women, a true girlie pleasure. Light, happy food.  

On the contrary, the horror we're feeling collectively lately in the world is not reserved for females only.  The city has become plagued with violence.  It's so hard to go about your day, to write about a recipe, to act as though all is well when the first 5 articles you read in the mornings are of people slashing faces of strangers on the subway tracks, mother's drowning their children.  Of rapes happening in broad daylight.  Young men attacking 75 year old women for their watch or worse, for no reason at all.  These aren't the kind of crazy freaks we're used to.  These are angry, many times younger people that are not homeless, often without drug addictions or known mental disorders.  They are committing these out-of-the-ordinary crimes for unknown reasons and at a time when it feels like reality is shifting and turning.   Most people I talk to believe the isolation of the Pandemic sparked all of this madness but it doesn't fully make sense.  Whatever started it, it definitely continues each day.  It's difficult to trust your environment, to comprehend what is a real or perceived threat, to understand what risks to take versus stifling your normal life on the outside chance some zombie is going to attack out of the blue.  It's an invisible terrorism.  It's changing my world.  

Soup fights unrest. 

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