Thursday, August 25, 2022

Only the Sound of The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

Diner-like Burger on Toast with homemade fries
Using the last of my Dave's Killer bread, I did baked cheese burgers on toast with homemade fries and melon.

This is a colorful plate.  I love colorful food as well as people.  I've noticed lately we are getting a fast infiltration of girlie boys walking around, in heels and skirts, edgy makeup and bouncy hair.  Not in drag, not trying to pass, but more of a blatant approach to a new entity.  Much like when the punk rock scene sprouted in your town, or the goth movement, it's been a little shocking to see a 6ft man walking around with colorful tights under a mini and acting as though it's common place in Brooklyn, which I can tell you it's not been.  Its coming at an interesting time, when after the Pandemic it seems like the straights are even straighter.  The young people, we call the Celery People, because it's as if they are no longer living in this reality but have full on committed to the virtual world.  They are very passive and looked frightened when you speak to them.  They dress like 80's parents.  I'm sure it's just because I'm not out at night as much but it's been pretty void of cool people and the only interesting folks I've noticed are a handful of artist types in my neighborhood.  Maybe the random violence is shaping that.  People want to blend in and not stand out, lest they become a victim.  So people that could be more vulnerable to attacks, being so brassy is bringing me to attention.  I admire it.  In the same breath I have to admit some are walking around acting like they dare you to say something.  Again, much like how the kids in their black make up of the 90's once worked fairly hard to shock.  More than a few times, I've been stopped in the store and these men have insisted I answer lengthy questions about product, asking to be shown things, walk with them, more in-depth than your average annoying customer.  I want to say you're barking up the wrong tree dude, I've seen it and done it more than you might imagine and have no qualms with your look.  I'm interested in kind people, cool fun, inclusive folks no matter how they dress.  He's probably judging me in my yellow shirt, thinking I've never lived a colorful life.  


  1. I like the story that goes with this one. Just because someone is not flashy doesn't mean they are intolerant. I also like the looks of that cantaloupe. I wish melon season lasted all year.

    1. Hi! 🥰, it's like some reverse discrimination happening that is so weird to be on the receiving end of. But yeah, the cantaloupe. I feel like I only had one this summer and forgot how awesome they can be.


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