Wednesday, June 22, 2022

You Found Me with Your Boundless Love

Crispy Shredded Chicken Tacos
I've shared the method to making the bestest, crispiest tacos in the oven.  Having my vessel set, I then concentrated on perfecting a different filling than the original shrimp recipe, a saucy, tomato-y moist, garlicky shredded chicken.  Avocado, lettuce and tomatillo hot sauce would top these crunchy delights.  My issue with chicken tacos is often the meat is dry or not spiced enough. This is one time I like to keep the fatty bits and cook it in a little sauce to keep the moisture.  I topped with sour cream after the pic and that pulled it all together.  
When you're cooking, things can go wrong or something in your mind might not come out as you envision. It may look perfect but lack in flavor. There is such an art to balancing all aspects, especially in a contained meal, like a taco.  So simple yet each component must contribute to the overall end goal.  I don't usually follow recipes, because I like cooking off the cuff, being allowed to play in the kitchen and create new ideas.  Some cooks can replicate a recipe to the tee, but prefer instruction, some are naturals and some, like me, come simply to play the game, for the love of food.  Many have a connection to food in their blood.  Eating can be your art, detecting all nuances and subtle errors.  I was lost but found a way to live through several expressions of food.   Wherever you fall in the culinary world, may your plate remain full. 

Do you play Wordle? Once or twice I guessed correctly in my second try and deemed myself a wizard.

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